SOS (Special Office Solutions);

SOS (Special Office Solutions) is a brand we established to create applicable, comfortable, and aesthetic solutions for interior design projects. Our priority in establishing this brand is to design and create quality and aesthetic spaces under the light of different approaches by different professionals.

When we noticed people’s spatial needs and their efforts to create the office of their dreams, it has become our company’s aim to meet their expectations by creating a suitable establishment for this cause. We started developing ideas for this new establishment by re-evaluating expectations, time, and economy. We tried to come up with ideas as to what kind of spatial needs a company might request in addition to aesthetic appeal and comfort and how can we turn the process into an enjoyable, economic, and a fast one.

We finally came up with SOS after a long-lasting process of trying to find a way to manifest ourselves and our high quality work all the while introducing a more inclusive design approach to a wider audience.

SOS (Special Office Solutions) aims to offer quality service by ensuring customer satisfaction and minimizing possible problems in the post-implementation process through presenting concept projects that are as real as they can get.

When decoration projects are implemented by the ERG Project, it is quite possible for us to create the exact same design as it is shown in the concept project presentations because we have a good understanding of the products of the franchised brands and we use the exact same products visuals.

Our solution partner professional architectural photographer  Architect Gürkan Akay helped us capture photographs using the exact same angles as we did in the presentation to visualize the similarity. Below, you can find some samples of the projects we presented and the photographs of the space after the implementation.

TWe believed that EMPATİ would serve as the key to social relations and lead us to the right solutions. So we started working to create modern, motivational, aesthetic, functional spaces for people who need new offices, who don’t compromise quality, who’s devoted to their comfort and health, who thinks analytically, and knows what’s happening in the world.

We noticed 3 fundamental problems and established SOS as a solution to these problems.

Who will design the office?

What kind of products and which brands will be used in my office?

How can I see it all together?