Since day one, we aimed to offer alternative products by specializing in commercial type floor covering products.

We diversified our product portfolio with the aims of helping the industry develop. It is our fundamental principle to offer thorough solutions to our customers’ needs.

Since 2004, we have been representing world-renowned brands in regards to commercial type PVC floor coverings, tile carpets, wooven flooring, rubber floor coverings, and floor chemicals.

In accordance with the industry’s needs, we have been working with Onto in the field of raised access floor systems. We manufacture calcium sulphate-based chipboards and import with 3-layered galvanic steel panels and concrete-based panels.

We continue to develop to offer our customers a better method of implementation of high quality and technologic products. To achieve better service capacity, we’ve received Quality (ISO:9001:2008, ISO:18001) and Environmental Management Systems (ISO:14001:2004) certificates.