What is SOS ?

SOS (Special Office Solutions) is a Design and Architecture 4.0 brand which aims to create solutions for offices that are applicable, comfortable, and aesthetic, while meeting the customers’ spatial needs and creating the office of their dreams with its staff of professionals.

How it Works ?

When decoration projects are implemented by the ERG Project, it is quite possible for us to create the exact same design as it is shown in the concept project presentations because we have a good understanding of the products of the franchised brands and we use the exact same products visuals.

Advantages of SOS

We believed that EMPATI would serve as the key to social relations and lead us to the right solutions. So we started working to create modern, motivational, aesthetic, functional spaces for people who need new offices, who don’t compromise quality, who’s devoted to their comfort and health, who thinks analytically, and knows what’s happening in the world.

What Have We Done ?

The next one could be your office.

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